PATH S.A.S is an engineering services company for mobile networks, founded in 2004 aiming to provide world-class services in the Telecommunications industry worldwide.

Under technologies like GSM/CDMA/UMTS/LTE/WiMax, We have successfully executed projects in ASIA, EMEA, USA and Latin America.

As second line of business, Path is a mobile software developer, we have develop solutions for logistics, tracking, information platform via SMS, telemedicine, etc. using different platform as BlackBerry, Android, IPhone and Nokia.

Through the agency Bureau Veritas BVQi PATH achieved the quality certification ISO 9001:2008

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Network optimization is a continuous process of fine tuning, aiming to improve service quality.
Objective performance evaluation and comparison of several radio networks within the same region with various purposesñ.
Regular RF operation and optimization tasks on cellular networks and the continuous deployment.
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Drive Test 100%
KPI Monitoring 100%
RF Optimization 80%
Development Software 80%

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