PATH is an engineering services company for mobile networks, founded in 2004 aiming to provide world-class services in the Telecommunications industry worldwide, with services in:

Under technologies like GSM/CDMA/UMTS/LTE/WiMax, We have successfully executed projects in ASIA, EMEA, USA and Latin America.

As second line of business, Path is a mobile software developer, we have develop solutions for logistics, tracking, information platform via SMS, telemedicine, etc. using different platform as BlackBerry, Android, IPhone and Nokia.

Our Vision

For the year 2020, PATH is projected as a solid transnational company, generating solutions in telecommunications services, based on the improvement, active participation and permanence of its staff.

Our Mission

To provide world-class services and innovative solutions in telecommunications, according to specific customer needs, in an agile and efficient way with full transparency, based on its wide international experience and considering the personal and professional expectations of its staff.

Our Philosophy

Give the best, to exceed the expectations of our customers. Because all companies believe internally.

Services we offer

One of the fundamental aspects for operators is to guarantee the satisfaction of their customers, which is directly related to the quality of the network.

Optimization is the continuous process of fine tuning the network, focused on improving the quality of the services provided.

The growth in the number of clients in the current networks affects the quality levels perceived by the users and therefore it is necessary to establish very rigorous optimization plans to maintain and improve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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The dynamism of the current networks and their growth as a result of the accelerated increase in the number of users requires adequate monitoring of the network quality indicators (KPIs) in order to verify the status of the network in each element and to be able to correct failures or implement improvements that guarantee an excellent performance of the networks and consequently, an increase in the level of satisfaction of the end users.

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Software Development

Software is an essential tool for all companies in the world, although most do not have access to high quality and reliable development a reasonable cost. Our goal is to develop software within everyone's pocket.

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Social networks connect people, IoT connects things to generate information about states or behaviors, which help us to make multiple decisions.

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We Are Hiring

We’re looking for people who are passionate about what they do and are interested in driving a new way of doing business. We’re a creative, driven team of people who strive to make great products that solve real problems.